5 Unique Ways to Offer Gift Cards to Your Friends and Family

5 Unique Ways to Offer Gift Cards to Your Friends and Family

Gift cards are an excellent option available for you to give to your friends and family members. That’s because gift cards allow the recipients to pick their own gift. However, just handing over a gift card would lack thoughtfulness and feel impersonal. That’s why we thought of sharing 5 unique ways to give gift cards to your loved ones. 

Sticker bomb the gift card 

One of the easiest methods available for you to make a gift card look better is to get a sticker placed on top of it. When you go ahead with this option, you will figure out that there are multiple design options available in stickers to select from. For example, if you are getting a gift card for the birthday of someone you know, it is possible to get a “Happy Birthday” gift card placed on it. Likewise, you may also get stickers for seasonal greetings, such as to wish for Christmas.

Create a customized card holder

Another exciting way to offer a gift card is to enclose it inside a customized card holder. It is possible to use cardstock or any other preferred material to create your personalized and unique holder. Just make sure that you are customizing the holder to match with the personality and interests of the holder. For example, it is possible for you to make the gift card holder look like a book cover, so that you can impress a book lover. 

Add the gift card to a themed gift basket

If you can get a themed gift basket, you may think about adding your gift card into it. However, you need to customize it as per the personality or preferences of the recipient. For example, let’s assume that you are planning to get a gift for someone who loves to cook. Then you can create a gift basket with some gourmet spices, cooking tools, and a cookbook. Inside the gift basket, you may throw in the gift card.

Create a DIY gift card puzzle

Anyone who wishes to be creative may consider creating a DIY gift card puzzle. You can simply print a picture or message on a piece of paper, and then cut it into puzzle pieces. You can place the gift card at the center of the puzzle. The recipient will have to solve the puzzle in order to reveal the gift. This is an interesting way to offer a gift card.

Use a creative gift card holder

You can also find numerous creative gift card holders available out there. It is possible to use one of them to make the gift card feel more special. For example, you may offer a gift card with a fortune cookie shaped holder or a mini pinata. It will provide a small surprise to the recipient as well.


Final thought... 

Gift cards offer the perfect opportunity to let your loved ones choose their own special gift. By adding a personal touch to how you present the gift card, you show thoughtfulness and care. Whether it's through sticker bombing, creating a customized card holder, adding it to a themed gift basket, crafting a DIY puzzle, or using a creative holder, these gestures make the act of giving even more memorable. Choose a method that reflects the recipient's personality and interests, and you'll be sure to make their day truly special. Happy gifting!

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